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About ME

I was born and raised in the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen, New York City. Can you sense my rough exterior? I grew up in Manhattan Plaza, a building developed for artists, where I couldn't help but observe and study all of the characters I grew up around... creatives, ya know?! When it came time for high school, I knew the only option for me was LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts, which most people know as the 'Fame School'. Despite there being no dancing on cars or lunch tables, I decided to stick around... not even Jennifer Aniston can say that. LaGuardia was a special place where I grew some serious 'acting wings'. After high school, I chose to study psychology at Binghamton University. While everyone else was all 'textbooks and finals' I got to study human nature through an acting and character lens for four years! Since then, I've been further developing my instrument at the Penny Templeton and The Folster Studios, The Barrow Group, Upright Citizens Brigade and more. I've appeared in a number of films, webseries and commercials.

In my spare time, I like to talk about baked goods, pull recipes that I may or may not delve into, search online for puppies to adopt, watch movies -- not just the new stuff either, I love me some classics (open to recommendations) -- and take kickboxing classes all around NYC. I can kick some ass.

Coming up, I can be seen on Season 2 of 'Divorce', the feature 'Lust Life' as well as the pilot, 'Subverse'. Most recently, I played the lead in Tell me Your Crazy, a short play in the Strawberry One Act Festival just made it into the final competition! Oh yeah, and I won Best Actress for my work in it too. My play, Get in the Van, advanced into the finals in the NTC Festival where I received a Best Supporting Actress Nomination (thanks to the incredible audience)!